MK807 Twin Laptop Lock


China Twin Laptop Lock Manufacturer: Twin Laptop Locks, Seven Pin Tubular Lock Mechanism for Pick Resistance, Stainless Steel T Locking Tip.



Name: MK807 Twin Laptop Lock

1. Seven pin tubular lock mechanism for pick resistance.
2. With satin chrome plated, RoHS compliance.
3. L2.0m*D4mm steel cable with PVC coated anchors your computer to a desk or immovable object.
4. Bottom bumper spacer to protect from scratching.
5. Attaches to 99% of laptops with the standard 3*7mm slot, stainless steel T locking tip for superior strength.
6. Easy to install & use in the office or traveling.

Computer, notebook, laptop, ipad, monitor, printer, projector etc.


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